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AINAF International Inc. is a proud member of the Mississauga Board of Trade.

AINAF International inc.

Providing machinery and equipment to industry since 2008

We are committed to providing high quality machinery and equipment from renowned manufacturers based around the world, according to the custom needs of your company. 

Since AINAF International Inc. entered the field of supply chain, we have been a reliable source of products to many multi-national franchises. Due to our active participation within a range of industry sectors, we are able to represent a large range of machinery manufacturers. 

9 years strong, we have remained devoted to customer satisfaction and attention to detail, all within the required timeline. This is a policy that we are not willing to compromise on. 

Provide us the opportunity to meet your unique requirements and demonstrate why our committed customers give us preference over the rest. You can send us an inquiry through our convenient contact form on our website, or through any of the contact means provided.